Tile Shower Repair

Top 5 Reasons Why You May Need Shower Tile Repair

1. Tile Came Loose

If this is you, it’s a must you seek a shower tile repair. If tile is loose in your shower, there is something much more going on. Showers are built differently behind tile and depending on the type you have, a loose tile can cause havoc. Behind tile you have tile systems, backer boards, waterproofing, mud beds etc. and if something has happened to these areas adversely and you have a loose tile, water can enter walls.

Which means, mold, dryrot and a much unforeseen expense you don’t need. Sasso Bello recommends using another shower, shower at the gym, neighbors or relatives house, before continuing to use a shower with a loose tile.

Caution, even if you catch this soon, there is likely water in areas that should be there, that will need to dry before a shower tile repair can be performed.


2. Tile is Deteriorating

Stone is mostly the type of tile this happens to occur. Although rare, some tile, in our opinion, should not be used in showers. Slate specifically. Slate clefts, and over time, whether you see it or not, small little flakes of the slate move from the tile’s surface and down your drain. And not all these little flakes of move past your plumbing’s p-trap under your shower’s floor. Causing you drainage issues.

In addition, slate stains, holds onto soil more than you will like, and it’s hard to clean compared to other stone or porcelain tile. In all, slate has shown to be the one tile that has caused more problems for homeowner and their showers.


3. I Have a Water Leak in My Ceiling (under my shower upstairs)

A leak is never fun and caught early can save you a lot of money. And it doesn’t always mean you have to replace the shower. Here is what happens when this occurs in homes.

Homeowners should call a plumber first. Especially if water is involved. Leaks in showers are often at the mixer valve (the handle you use to turn the water) or in other areas in the wall where plumbing is connected to the mixer. A plumber can do a pressure test and see if your shower is holding pressure. If it is not, you likely have a plumbing leak. If the house is holding pressure, you have a tile problem.

Other possible areas where leaks occur are at the drain, drains can separate from waterproofing and at curbs. Walls do move and can force the inside corners of your curb to disconnect from wall and why water is leaking through to the downstairs.

Call Sasso Bello and we can walk you through this process, help you find and talk with a plumber or we can come and consult with you for a possible shower tile repair.


4. Tile is Cracked

Tile cracks mostly happen on the shower’s floor or the curb (the area you walk over to get into the shower). Mostly we find, this happens on mud bed installs. Nothing you can do, but to have shower tile repaired. Here are some options:

1. Remove and replace the cracked tile (assuming you have replacement tile)
2. Install new tile over the existing tile (offering you a new shower floor)
3. Replace the shower pan or entire shower

One is much easier than two, but both are cheaper than three.


5. Tile is Not Shinny (polished) Anymore

Homeowners usually notice this when they have a polished tile or stone. And the biggest reasons why the tile becomes dull is for two reasons:

1. The shower needs to be cleaned
2. The shower’s tile has been etched

One is straight forward and would require a professional shower tile cleaning. But two, is much more of a concern. When etching occurs in showers, it usually happens because of an improper cleaning product was used. Usually from the professional house cleaning service company.

In most cases, say over 90%, can be remedied, but is costly and should be done by a professional shower tile repair expert.

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