Stone Cleaning

Top 4 Problems with Stone Cleaning

1. Using Stone Cleaning Products

Choosing the correct stone cleaning products to use is difficult. So many products, so many stores selling them and so much advise given. Just remember less is more. And knowing what to buy and how to clean with the product are two different things. Let me explain.

First, when cleaning stone you will be safe using a ph neutral product. All this means is that the product is not too acidic or alkaline to clean. But this won’t always be stated on the bottle of the cleaner either. So, we tell our clients, if it doesn’t say “ph neutral”, don’t buy it. One great product we suggest is called Stone and Tile Cleaner. Buy the gallon concentrate from Amazon. Follow the instructions on the bottle and you should be good.

Second, is the method in which you clean. Don’t think you have to use a lot of product to clean. If the cleaning isn’t making much of a difference, hire a professional. You also, don’t need to drown the stone with cleaner to clean an area. Spraying a little on the area, let it dwell for a bit and wipe up, should be enough.

For floors, we suggest a flat, microfiber reusable pad (also available at Amazon) that you can throw in the laundry and reuse. And if you need help from Sasso Bello, we make trips (free of charge) to your home. Which include a walkthrough of the process to make sure you understand what to expect when stone cleaning.


2. Stone Cleaning Done Improperly

Don’t use string mops and buckets of water to clean stone floors. This method has been proven to cause more issues, like staining and soil build up. In addition, it contributes to the waste of your money and time.


3. Stone Cleaning is Not the Same for All Stone

Think of where you are cleaning stone. Your kitchen will have more soil lying around then that room you only use during the holidays. And cleaning granite as opposed to cleaning marble are very different beast to clean.

For example, if you squeeze a lime on granite, no adverse action will take place. But do this on marble, and etching (marble erodes from the lime’s acids) will occur. And some cleaning products are acidic. So, you are limited on the type of cleaning products that can be used. Therefore, we advise all clients to look for a ph neutral cleaner.


4. Stone Cleaning Using Professional House Cleaning Services

We highly recommend that you have professional house cleaning companies use your products to clean stone, tile and grout in your home. This way you can manage what is used and know that nothing harmful will come to your stone. Here’s why.

Most cleaning services use the same products to clean every house and when it becomes a problem is when they use an acidic cleaning product, like a toilet bowl cleaner, to clean marble. We’ve seen this problem happen in showers, floors and around toilets.

Some products to not use are the following:

o Clorox
o Ajax
o Comet
o Toilet bowl cleaner
o Vinegar
o Windex
o Pine sol

These products may have their purpose, but they are not for cleaning stone.

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