Stone Repair

Top 6 Stone Repair to Know About

1. Stone Etching Repairs

o This occurs when the stone has been introduced to something acidic. Usually an acidic cleaner, food or even women’s makeup. The acid, in these products, is eating the away the stone. Usually the finish first, then into the stone. This happens to stone in the marble family and their cousins travertine, limestone and onyx.

o This usually can be remedied using Sasso Bello’s stone repair services.


2. Stone Holes Repairs

o We find holes in stone for many reasons. Some are unexplainable. But they can usually be fixed. We have only encountered one job where we couldn’t fill and repair a stone’s holes. For some reason the products we’ve been using for years, didn’t work on this client’s stone. Mother nature wasn’t having it.


3. Stone Scratches Repairs

o All stone scratches can be repaired but finding a skilled professional to do this in your home is what’s hard to find. This is a very specialized skill and one of the most expensive services Sasso Bello provides. Not even we do all scratch repairs.

o The softer stones have more successes with scratch removal and happen for unnecessary reasons. Try to protect softer stones like marble from hard objects that scratch them. For example, we recommend placing felt under dishes that sit on counters.


4. Stone Cracks Repairs

o Granite cracks around sinks are the most common and usually are because of water entering the cabinet area. When this happens water soaks into the wood, expands and stresses granite, making it crack. If this is you, place some clear box tape over the crack from allowing water to enter and call Sasso Bello quickly.

o Cracks on floor or shower tile are two other areas. Floor can move, like concrete or a wood substrate, and will transfer into cracks all the way to your tile’s surface.

o Sometimes, cracks can happen from vibrations. We’ve seen a tile crack from a door slamming over and over. We’ve seen a stone counter crack, from a heavy drawer slamming against a cabinet’s face. These are unfortunate incidents but do happen.


5. Stone Polishing Repairs

o This most commonly is needed because of etching. And it’s very uncommon for granite to need stone polishing. But if this is needed for your granite, it usually is because hardwater has embedded itself and can not be removed using common cleaning techniques.

o For marble stones, this is more of the type of calls we receive. And usually, these are accidents from us for things like:

1. A spill of an acidic product on the stone.
2. Things like acidic food, cleaners or women’s makeup
3. The stone has been scratched with something like a knife.
4. Soap scum in showers


6. Stone Cleaning Repairs

o Use stone safe cleaning products. Ph neutral cleaning products are the safest. If you need anything more than this, call Sasso Bello.

o Maintaining your stone, it usually not a problems if you’re using the right cleaning products and techniques. But we know, sometimes mistakes happen, and you need help.

o What not to do is listen to a tile or stone contractor first without talking with a repair specialist. The difference could be 1000s of dollars.


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