Tile Cleaning

The Top 4 Problems with Tile Cleaning

1. Using the Wrong Tile Cleaning Products

Cleaning tile doesn’t have to be mad science. It’s much easier than we make it out to be. It comes down to using the right product. The ingredient you want in a tile cleaning product is ph neutral. This is the active ingredient that does the cleaning. And it does enough to not cause you problems like stripping away sealers and or staining grout.

Many products don’t have the “ph neutral” on the bottle. If this is the case, stay away! Just go to Amazon and buy what is called Stone and Tile Cleaner. Buy a gallon, concentrate, 2 spray bottles & a new gallon jug so you can mix the concentrate. Follow the instructions of the bottle and your tile cleaning will be much easier.

If the product doesn’t seem to work, it’s not the product. Hire Sasso Bello to tile cleaning those areas you have trouble with.


2. Tile Cleaning Done Improperly

Do and Don’t Tips to use when cleaning tile:

• Do’s

1. Use a spray bottle not a bucket of water
2. Use a ph neutral cleaning product made for tile cleaning
3. Clean areas like kitchens and master showers more often
4. Do use a soft bristled brush as needed
5. Do finish in the kitchen last, always.
6. Do have a tile and grout professional in your contacts

• Don’ts

1. Don’t over scrub areas too much
i. This can scratch or wear away tile and grout
2. Don’t use bleach, vinegar or pine sol. (it’s too harmful for tile)
3. Don’t get your advice from YouTube
4. Don’t think that all tile and grout cleaning professionals are giving you the correct information.


3. Tile Cleaning is Not the Same for All Areas of the Home

Your kitchen and master shower are the two areas of you home that will require most of your time when tile cleaning. This is only because you spend most of your time there making unforeseen messes.

Think about the areas of your home you don’t use often or a rug that is covering an area of the tile floor. They often look very different than areas you come into direct contact.

And cleaning your master shower is different that cleaning your kitchen floors. Why? It’s because in our showers we are using soaps and cleaning our bodies. Kitchen floors receive soils from our foods and are much easier to clean than showers. Let’s me help you understand why this is.

In showers, we use either bar or liquid soaps. And using a liquid soap actually breaks down (becomes more soluble) more than bar soap. It’s ok to use bar soap, it just requires you to know that it requires more cleaning. It’s good to know, not everything after you shower goes down that drain. Otherwise, we would never have to clean our showers, right?

Think of a car wash. Let’s say a car wash has 20 cars go through it a day. Every car goes in dirty and leaves clean. But think about how the car wash looks inside. It’s dirty. Don’t believe me, look around one the next time you’re in one. This is exactly what is happening to our showers, soil is left on walls, in grout, in corners and on the tiles’ surface.

The best way to clean your shower, is to dry it after each shower. Why? Because when you do, you are picking up the soil left in the water that hasn’t moved down the drain. Believe us, this cleaning method really makes a difference.


4. Tile Cleaning Using Professional House Cleaning Services

We highly recommend that you have professional house cleaning companies use your tile products to clean tile and grout in your home. This way you can manage what is used and know that nothing harmful will come to your tile and sealer. Here’s why.

Most cleaning services use the same products to clean every house and when it becomes a problem is when they use an acidic product to clean tile. This strips away sealers. Insurance that is there for your tile and grouts protection.


Some products to not use are the following:

o Clorox
o Ajax
o Comet
o Toilet bowl cleaner
o Vinegar
o Windex
o Pine sol

They may have their purpose, but they are too harsh when cleaning tile.

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