Tile Repairs

Top 5 Tile Repairs to Know About

1. Tile Crack Repairs

Crack tile can always be repaired, if you have extra tile. Not having extra tile, can be a chore when you want to find one. Remember, tile especially ceramic and porcelain tile and their styles don’t stay in the market for very long. It’s when you have a cracked tile, that you discover this. And is why Sasso Bello always recommend keeping extra tile after every install. You just never know when you may need one or 20 for a tile repair.


2. Tile Holes Repairs

This isn’t very common but does come up. And is usually a very successful process. Sasso Bello is able to do tile repairs of holes by adding a stone filler, with a bit of color. An area this service is need often are:

• when someone drops something on a floor and chips a tile
• when a shower door is replaced and the old holes need filling.

Either type of tile repair has a very high success rate.


3. Tile Scratch Repairs

Tile scratch repairs although are much tougher to resolve, unless you are replacing the tile, then this is rather easy. But to fix a scratch on a glazed tile, like ceramic and porcelain, is usually impossible to fix.


4. Tile Cleaning Repairs

For the most part, cleaning tile is always successful. It’s usually hardwater, microcracks, tile discoloration that cleaning doesn’t work. So, if you are having any tile repair needs, just get a tile repair specialist involved. Or just call Sasso Bello.


5. Loose Tile Repairs

Loose tile is always fixable. Just remove the tile from its installed area and set it aside until repaired. A loose tile sitting in place can crack. And if this happens, then you have another problem you need to fix.

To repair a loose tile, it’s a matter of cleaning up the areas where the tile was installed and the existing tile itself and resetting it. The harder part is matching the grout. And if the grout is dirty, you may want to have it cleaned so that the newly installed grout matches the rest of the tile assembly.

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