Grout Cleaning

Top 4 Problems with Grout Cleaning

1. Grout Cleaning Products

Cleaning grout as a homeowner can go wrong in two ways. Either the wrong products or the cleaning methods were used. Here are a few examples:

• The cleaning chemical is too harsh for your grout and tile.
• The method in which cleaning is performed, is adding, not removing soil (dirty).

If you are having to use more harsh cleaning chemical to clean, it can work, but it could lead to other issues. Such as scaring stone, leaving residues in grout, staining it or stripping away a sealer.

We recommend you try cleaning a small area first and if it works, proceed. But remember, most grout needs rinsing and protection after a deep cleaning. Or just call Sasso Bello to do your tile cleaning.


2. When it’s Too Late to Clean Yourself

Related to the subject above, cleaning grout can be frustrated. And we know you want to save money and not have to pay a professional either. You should know, that there are grout cleaning companies who will offer some help, without you having to pay them.

Sasso Bello is one of them! Just give us a call and pick our brains. We have seen everything there is in this business. At least be safe, before you make a mistake cleaning grout in your home.


3. Grout’s Dirty Little Secret

1. Grout is the lowest part of the tile assembly.

• This means everything that falls on tile will likely fall into the grout last.     Because it’s the lowest section. And we don’t clean a floor’s grout line by grout line, we usually clean tile by wiping over the surface, pushing soil into the grout line. Adding to soil buildup and eventually, dirtier grout.

2. Grout usually has a texture.

• When grout is rough to the touch it holds onto soil. Making it harder to clean. Think about all the microscopic holes and indentions of the grout where soil can harbor. This makes the process of grout cleaning so much more difficult.

3. Grout is porous.

• Sealed and unsealed grout stains. Yep, although you had it sealed, it doesn’t mean the right sealer was used. If the right sealer was used, it doesn’t mean it last forever. And knowing how to maintain grout with a sealer, is tough to understand. Grout cleaning gives us trouble sometimes too.


4. Why Professional Grout Cleaning is Needed

Think of taking your car to your mechanic. It’s needs oil changes, other services and cleaning. This is not much different than cleaning grout. Having the correct grout cleaner is important. You wouldn’t use soap from your dishwasher to wash your hair, right? But people use the wrong grout cleaner all the time.

When it becomes tough to clean your grout, hire Sasso Bello’s grout cleaning services.

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