Grout Repair

Top 10 Grout Repairs:

1. Grout was Poorly Installed

Grout can be difficult to install, especially if the grout wasn’t installed as required. Grout has many different properties that require the installer to consider. Things like: grout joint size, indoors and outdoors, wet areas (shower), inside corners, expansion and contraction, between tile and walls and many more.

And if a contractor isn’t considering any or all of these, you need or will need grout repair services soon. Very large manufactures of grout, have restrictions (requirements) for all grouts sold in the market and if they are not followed, problems arise. And why Sasso Bello has created services for grout repairs.

Grout Repair - Sasso Bello


2. Grout was Used Where Not Required

One of our most called on services is that grout is used improperly. Contractor install grout where not required. And the issue is really not hard to understand, but we still get calls on this from older and new home builds.

Areas in your home where this occurs most are inside corners of showers and countertops. Here’s what’s happening. In your shower you have a curb (area you step over when entering the shower) and inside corners. Did you know that anytime tile is installed and makes a turn (say from one wall to another wall) and if there is an inside corner, it doesn’t receive grout.

When grout is installed in these areas, clients will experience mostly cracks. Why is this? It’s because walls move (some more than other) and as a result because grout is not flexible, it cracks. And why you will need to call Sasso Bello for grout repairs.

Grout Repair


3. Old Grout was Installed

Did you know that unopened grout will last about 1 year and an opened bag about 1 month. Per most manufacturers, grout has a low shelf life due to how if breaks down when introduced to ambient temperatures and moisture. If you are ever buying grout or have one in your garage, don’t use them if they are hard. This is a sign, it’s been sitting around for a while.

If mixed and prepared as required, the install may last but likely not as long as a fresh new bag.


4. Grout was improperly mixed

Grout has very specific instruction in how it is prepared for install. To much water and it may not harden as needed. Add to little water and you may have trouble installing, leaving you no time to clean excess grout off the tile, leaving you with reduces or stains problems.

In all, the reason why the grout failed is hard for us to pin point, but does happen. Just follow the manufacturers instructions and you should be good to go.


5. Tile is Loose

This type of grout repair is the 2nd most common reason why you will need a grout repair. And it’s really not a grout issue, but a tile one. The tile is loose. But this may not always be obvious. Let me explain.

If tile is loose, this is definitely why grout has cracked and/or coming out. Let’s say the grout is cracked and you check the tile and it’s not loose, well it’s still likely that the tile is moving, you just can’t see it. Just remember, to repair grout, the problem has to be found. If not, further grout repairs are likely to happen again.


6. Grout Had Improperly Care

This is usually one of the most frustrating problems for homeowners. Often asked is, “What do I use to care for my grout?” All you have to know is what cleaner to use and method in which you apply it. But there is a bit more to know. Let me see if I can help before this turns into a grout repair.

Showers, floors & kitchens are the top 3 areas to have improper care. Meaning, grout in these areas gets dirty the most, the fastest, and requires the most attention. Why is this? Well, it’s because we use these areas every day. It’s normal.

And improper care will definitely cause you headaches. Think of it like this; you would never use dish soap to wash your hair, right? That’s just it. Soaps are engineered to do a specific task and clean different types of soils. Soils on our dishes and soils in our hair are different too. And understanding what you are cleaning in your kitchen is different in what you clean in your shower.

Using the wrong cleaning products and not sealing grout, are just 2 reasons why improper care can lead to grout repairs.


7. Grout was Not Sealed

Grout does stain. Most grout is porous and requires a sealer. Think of this as if you were adding conditioner to your hair or polishing your car; sealers add protection. Sasso Bello uses the metaphor of insurance. Think of using sealers as insurance in that you are buying/using sealers to protect your assets (grout). And like insurance, not all sealers are the same.

There are sealers that protect against water and some that protect against oil. And not all give the same quality of protection. A higher price isn’t always a determining factor of quality either.

We suggest you buy sealers from tile stores, not your home improvement center. Tile stores, are where contractors go to buy and where if you have questions, you can ask for advice. In most cases, sealers sold here, you won’t see in your local home improvement store. They may be more expensive, but worth the trip and protection, especially if you are trying to forego any future grout repairs.


8. Grout Sealer was Stripped with a Household Cleaners

Household cleaners can harm sealers. It doesn’t hurt sealers, its just that harsh cleaners can strip away the sealer wasting the money you spent for the protection. Here are a few cleaners we suggest you not use to clean grout:

  • Clorox
  • Ajax
  • Comet
  • Toilet bowl cleaner
  • Vinegar
  • Windex
  • Pine sol

I know, you are used to these cleaners and they do a good job. But today cleaners for specific areas like grout, are engineered to clean grout and protect sealer.
Caution, if a specified grout cleaner isn’t working, you will likely need a professional cleaning service or grout repair from Sasso Bello.


9. Grout is Stained

Grout needs 3 things to continue to look as you intended:

1. Good care 1 – cleaning products
2. Good care 2 – cleaning techniques
3. Good sealer – for that protection

Some areas in your home, where there’s grout, doesn’t always require your attention to clean then say the kitchen. For instance, your kitchen floor will need more cleaning and sealer than that room you visit only during the holidays.

And if grout isn’t cared for, it doesn’t mean your grout will stain, it just means you are taking a risk. Risk in that it could stain.


10. Grout Modeling

This is where grout shows different shades of color. Similar color, but different. Now, this isn’t staining. Modeling is where, upon the install, the grout wasn’t mixed properly (too much water, not enough water, didn’t mix according to instructions, etc.). This is an install issue and the only remedies for this type of grout repair are:

  • Remove and replace
  • Grout color sealing

The good news, is if your ask your contractor before the grout is chosen, there are grouts that won’t model. And even better, specialize grouts don’t have to be sealed. A double bonus for you!

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