Tile Shower Cleaning

Top 5 Things to Know About Tile Shower Cleaning

1. Know Your Shower’s Tile Before Cleaning

Knowing what tile you have, whether it’s a stone, ceramic or porcelain tile, the difference is important. Knowing if the tile will work or isn’t working in your shower is the 2nd most important half to this knowledge. Not all tile is made to be installed in showers.

Think of it like this. When you or your designer shop and choose a tile for your shower, you make the choice mostly by how it looks and makes you feel. Color, size, design, textures all play a part in this. But what is usually missing here is how the tile, once installed in the shower, will function. Let me explain.

We can agree that tile with a rough (textured) surface will hold more soil. Hence, making it tougher to clean. What happens in showers, is that water along with the soil in it from your body, will have a harder time moving to the drain with textured tile than smooth tile. Leaving your shower harder to care for.

You tile choice and how it functions in a shower, is most important when knowing you are going to clean your tile shower.


2. Know What Type of Cleaners to Use

So, you go to your home improvement store and you see all types of cleaners, all-purpose, multiple tile cleaners, windex even. But your just not sure what to buy. You are not alone. In fact, Sasso Bello has seen, once asked what clients’ use, 10+ bottles of cleaners pulled from under the sink they have purchased and did not help them. There is an easier way.

For basic daily cleaning, you only need a ph neutral tile and grout cleaner. Make sure the cleaning product is for tile and grout. These products are engineered to take care of tile and grout surface soils while protecting the sealer.

For more aggressive cleaning, be careful. They can ruin stone tile. Some cleaner will eat away stone. In addition, aggressive cleaners can strip away sealers and leave residues that can stain.

Sasso Bello recommends call us. We will come to your home and walk you through what products you need to clean your tile shower. And match the process for you tile install. Everyone’s shower is a bit different. And just maybe we can save you a tile shower cleaning service.


3. Know How to Clean Your Shower

Your whole shower doesn’t need attention when it comes to cleaning. Most cleaning is concentrated around the walls near the shower head, flat areas like: floor, benches, shelves and curb and at a height of the tallest person who uses the shower.

So, when cleaning tile showers, think about the grout and how grout is usually the area people complain most about. If you have in your shower, a stiff bristled brush and if you get it early enough, in most cases you can clean away soil buildup without any cleaner at all.

Only focus on the areas mentioned above. Just remember, a little attention, will save you from having to call the professional to clean your tile shower.


4. Know What is Happening in Your Tile Shower

The few areas to know about cleaning your tile shower are as follows:
1. Watch where soil builds up and give those areas more attention when cleaning.
2. Use the right cleaning products.
3. Dry the shower after each use.
4. Leave the door slightly open to allow air movement to dry excess moisture.
5. Call a professional tile shower cleaner, if you have questions.

Like a good auto mechanic, you don’t want to use one, but when you do, finding a good one is important.


5. Know What Is Common & Uncommon about Shower Cleaning

Some problems that occur for tile shower cleaning are not common.

1. Grout that molds
2. Tile or stone discolors or stains
3. Tile spalling and chipping

The good part, is that they these shower tile cleaning problems are rare and in some instances they can be resolved. Give Sasso Bello a call if this is you and hopefully it’s just a tile shower cleaning you need.

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